28 Apr 2010

Panda Cherry Licorice

Panda Cherry Licorice

Made from all natural ingredients Finland have produced some very tasty cherry licorice, the flavours are full and mouthwatering to which I am very impressed.

In my opinion Panda Cherry Licorice has some good and bad points which I will try to explain to you.

The good points are that the excellent cherry flavour is totally mouthwatering and makes you want more! Panda Cherry Licorice is fat free, contains no artificial preservatives, artificial colours and flavours and that they are suitable for vegetarians and vegans (plus they are kosher certified which is a bonus).

The bad are that although they state 'fat free' and 'no hydrogenated fats' don't be fooled each 200g bag still contains over 600kcals ... so don't eat the whole bag in one go!

My main disappointment is that yes the licorice is 'soft eating' but I found the texture 'too' soft, maybe this is how people like their soft licorice?? but I found that when I tried to chew each sweet it just fell apart into strands, got stuck in my teeth and generally floated around my mouth not really doing much.

I found that the only "Ooomph!" came from the sweet cherry flavour and not from the actual experience of eating the licorice pieces.

Panda are a top product and you can tell that they are expertly made, the information on the packet is in depth and relevant to the brand.

Everyone is different and prefers different textures, so if you like soft licorice try Panda Cherry Licorice as it is scrummy :) I am sure you will have a great cherry taste sensation.

Creatures Toddlers Hand Foam Wash

Creatures Toddler's Hand Foam Wash

Firstly do not do what I did .... I didn't read the instructions! This foam wash is meant to be rubbed onto dirty hands, then washed off - it isn't the rub it in and you are sanitised kind of wash, its real soap.

I suppose you can all now guess who pumped some lovely creamy Creatures Toddler's Hand Foam Wash onto her hands, rubbed it round while ooohing "Its just like luxury shaving cream!" then crying out "Uurgghh its all sticky!". Only after washing it off and cursing about the foam did I decide to read the instructions (clearly printed on the back of the bottle I might add) that states: Dispense foam onto hands, lather and RINSE with water.

Well I can't be perfect all the time .... but at least I have lovely clean and lightly fragranced hands.

Creatures products are free from nasty chemicals, they are paediatrician tested and hypo-allergenic. They contain natural ingredients and leave out nasty products such as fragrance and colourings.... the company are against animal testing and even the packaging is recyclable!

My favourite bit (apart from the products excellent cleaning ability) is the pictures of the animals of the label and mini product catalogue ... giraffe, zebra and an elephant, expertly drawn so that they look real and ultra cute :) they were created for Creatures by children's book author John Butler who is famous for his animal pictures.

All Creatures products are made in the UK and the company actively supports Cotlands, a children's charity.

Check out their full range at: www.worldofcreatures.com

26 Apr 2010

Wikio Shopping Price Comparison

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The first thing I noticed about Wikio Shopping is the clean light colours of the background and text.  The blue is very pleasant, giving the site an instant calming effect, there is no glare and the main front page is well laid out with a clear and consise contents table.

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I decided to test their claims of being able to completely research a product with photos, customer reviews, price comparisons and even promotional codes if any are available.  Usually I have to wander around the web when buying something new so to have all the information in one place will save me a lot of time.

 The Iphone has had a lot of advertising since it was launched but different places tell different views on the product plus they all have different prices!  I typed 'Iphone' into the search box and started a search,

Almost instantly my results appeared.  First up came Iphone assessories but as I scrolled through from page to page I found some good prices and reviews from shops and stores in the UK (some online and some highstreet) that I know and trust.  I was impressed as some comparison sites give you results from unknown websites in other countries that you are unsure if you can trust with your credit card info ... no worries with Wikio Shopping as I was familiar with all sites listed.

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 I was interested in the reviews and user opinions the most and so clicked to read what they had to say.  I find 'real people comments' far more interesting than companies who are trying to sell the product - if it doesn't work then someone somewhere will tell me from their own experiances.

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There were a lot of reviews, some where interesting but others not - I would suggest that they have some kind of monitoring system to delete irrelevent reviews in the future, but overall the reviews were full of the user information that I was hoping for.

Deciding to possibly purchase the product I scrolled down to the 'Sellers' list, being on the same page was helpful as it saved clicking back and forth. 

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Amazon, Ebay and Apple came up in the listing, each gave a direct link to the product and a range of prices including shipping costs.   This was also very helpful as sometimes when you get to the 'postage' page you get a bit of a shock!

I am impressed with Wikio Shopping Price Comparison, the information is laid out clearly and is easy enough for anyone to use regardless of computer experiance.

Currently Wikio Shopping is operating in 5 European Countries as well as the US, it offers products and reviews for more than 3500 vendors. Wikio also offers a cashback service to its users, called Wikio Deals.

 A few Wikio Shopping statistics:


- more than 235,000 products, sorted into more than 220 categories. 

- almost one million product tests/reviews/subject forums concerning products

- more than 600,000 photos, and 475,000 videos!

- hundreds of thousands of offers within 9 main categories/themes

- all cultural (art, music etc.)  products via Amazon, and hotels in 6000 cities all over the world via Sprice

- about 400 new products are added per day

- more than 1000 new reviews, product tests and forums added per day


With statistics like that I would think that a lot of people will add this site as their homepage - its a site topped to the brim with information, a shoppers paradise!!

This is a  Sponsored Post of which I have personally visited and reviewed the site in question.  My views and opinions are my own.

18 Apr 2010

Respect Organics Cakes

Respect Organics
Organic Cakes

Chocolate Cake

"Mmmmmm cakeeeee!" I drooled as I opened the box, inside the cake was wrapped in a plastic bag to retain freshness plus it had a cardboard ring to keep the cake in tip-top shape.

Made with the finest organic ingredients (supported by the Soil Association for Organic Standards) the cake was moist, chocolately, springy .. basically everything you would want from a chocolate cake.

The topping was like chocolate fudge cake topping, nice and thick, very gooey and suited the consistency of the cake. It wasn't too sweet either which was nice as sometimes the topping can spoil a good sponge cake.

Nutrition (typical values per 100g)
Energy 372kcal -1560kJ
Protein 4.4g
Carbohydrates 47.6gof which sugars 30.6g
Fat 18.9gof which saturates 4.2g
Fibre 0.6g
Sodium 0.2g

Carrot Cake

The packaging for the carrot cake was the same as the chocolate. The cake had survived transit and was very fresh.

Again the consistency was moist and full filling, you could taste the carrot which is brilliant as some carrot cakes grind up the carrot so much it is non-existent. Knowing also that the carrots were organic meant I could eat lots and lots of the cake without feeling guilty about my diet (OK I know that's wrong but I can kid myself). You can also taste spices like orange and cinnamon as an aftertaste which made the cake truly satisfying.

The topping was sweet yet sour like a proper carrot cake topping should be, I found it to be thicker on one side than the other .. but this could have happened in transit.

The carrot cake is also Dairy Free as the margarine contains non-hydrogenated vegetable oils {Sunflower Oil, Palm Oil, Palm Stearin, Palm Kernel Oil} all of which are organic.

Nutrition (typical values per 100g)
Energy 399kcal - 1676kJ
Protein 3.0g
Carbohydrates 47.8g of which sugars 32.7g
Fat 22.5gof which saturates 4.7g
Fibre 1.5g
Sodium 0.3g

Organic Banana Loaf Cake

With 20% banana's you can expect this cake to be bananary (is that a word?). As a loaf it hit the mark you can eat it like a cake or as a dessert with custard.

Again it is dairy free so people with dairy intolerance's can enjoy this cake without worries.

Nutrition (typical values per 100g) Energy 391kcal - 1641kJ
Protein 3.9g
Carbohydrate 48.6g of which sugars 28.5g
Fat 21g
of which saturates 2.7g
Fibre 1.5g
Sodium 0.3g

Organic Ginger Crush Loaf Cake

Just like the Banana cake you can eat this on its own or as part of a dessert. Packed with ginger it was tasty and filling, the consistency is moist but with a bit of a crumble (so its not chewy) ... great with a nice cup of tea.

Nutrition (typical values per 100g)Energy 1707kJ - 408kcal
Protein 4.5g
Carbohydrate 47.2g
Fat 23.6g
Fibre 1.0g
Sodium 0.1g

Dairy Free and very tasty, not like some other 'dairy free' ranges. My husband doesn't know that the cake is dairy free and he hasn't said a word ... so you can tell that there is no difference in taste quality.

Respect Organic Cakes are available from: Tesco, Sainsbury’s and Morrisons although please be aware that not all stores stock all variants.

Email: info@respectorganics.com for more information.

Harry's Nuts!

Harry's Nuts!

Harry Hill the legendary comedian from ITV has created a brand of Fairtrade nuts.

Harry's Nuts are working with Choose Liberation (Liberation Foods) to promote the sale of Fairtrade products, all the farmers who produce the nuts in Harry's Nuts have been paid more for their crops than what 'other' nut companies pay .. this gives the farmers more money for their villages, families, children, education etc... and works towards saving them from a life of poverty.

Harry Hill does not make any money from Harry's Nuts! He has lent his name and support to the cause as he feels strongly about Fairtrade.

Harry's Nuts! are salted peanuts and salted cashews, I have tried the salted cashews and they are scrummy. Very moreish, be careful as it is easy to eat the whole packet ... however do not tip the bits at the bottom into your mouth as you will get a mouthful of salt!!! Its not nice.

Typical values for the salted cashews per pack are: 183kcal, 6.2g protein, 15.3g Fat ... so pretty high. Good for a snack, but don't live on them.

Visit Harry's You Tube page to watch Harry’s video from his trip to Malawi with Liberation http://www.youtube.com/liberationfoods

Harry's Nuts! are available in Sainsbury's and Waitrose stores and smaller outlets.

For more information on Fairtrade please visit www.fairtrade.org.uk

17 Apr 2010

Waking Beauty - Julie Parrish

Waking Beauty is a modern day fairytale, I was a bit dubious at first as the blurb made the book sound a little 'twisted', but as it is a book based on the 'tweenage' market I understood the reasons behind the description.

From the first page I was gripped! The book is written for young girls, the plot, characters and speed of how the story develops are spot on. Princess Anna is 'Sleeping Beauty' and falls asleep for a hundred years, only to be woken by her 'prince' in modern day times. The book tells us of how she copes with modern day technology and how her family fit in with modern times. The main plot still keeps with the fairytale life with hidden fairies and witches.

The amount of content the author has introduced to Anna's life is amazing, everything from designer clothing, mobile phones, our obsession with the Internet (MyFace and SpaceBook!) and how young kids of today speak. Each change to Anna's life is described and has meaning to your own life.

The way the book is laid out is different to how I normally expect novels to be, there are no distinct chapters which is great as I hate it when you read down the list of chapter titles and they kind of ruin the storyline as you can guess what is going to happen ... in this book the author has sectioned each part by fancy dotted lines.

The sectioning is great if like me you don't have much time to read. I could pick up and put down the book as and when I liked as I didn't feel the need to read to the next chapter. This is also a great introduction to reading for younger girls (for example my daughter who is 9) as she reads small chunks at a time.

The characters are friends from the start, you feel like you know them and their surrounding from the amazing descriptive text the author has used. You can picture Anna's house and bedroom, what the characters look like (without using the front cover as a guide), the school they all attend etc....

I laughed out loud at some parts and got really worried for them during others - but at no point was the book scary or 'sexy' which was great. The author has catered for a range of hormones with the storyline, she has captured the lust and love of the characters without having to put naughty bits in, think High School Musical for the level of passion ... a kiss says a lot, books don't always need 'hanky panky' to create an effect.

I was impressed, this is Julie Parrish's first novel and it is brilliant. Not too long, not too short. Loads of content and a plot to keep you gripped. I hope Julie continues to write as a follow-up to Anna's story could be a winner - this could be the new Princess Diaries with an evil twist.

Available in all good bookshops and on-line
PUBLISHED by Matador 5 April 2010£6.99ISBN 9781848762879
Distributor: _Orca Book Services.
Tel: 01202 665432. Email: orders@orcabookservices.co.uk
BIC subject category: YFM – Romance & relationships stories (Children's/YA)
Paperback 264 PP 216 x 140 mm
Portrait www.troubador.co.uk

15 Apr 2010

5alive Apple - Five Fruit Blend

5alive Apple - Five Fruit Blend

5alive has brought out a new flavour to add to their popular Five Fruit Blend range ... Apple.

The Five Fruit Blend range consists of Berry, Citrus and Tropical, so Apple was the next natural choice. The range has been shot into the limelight by an advert featuring a quirky dancing Dodo, the Dodo has since gained Facebook fans and is one of the most memorable adverts on TV.

5alive Five Fruit Blend isn't just 'apple juice', it contains a blend of apple 30% blended with grapes, pears, kiwi fruits and lemon.

Imagine biting into a crisp green apple, it tastes slightly like apple with a watery refreshing crunch ... that's what the juice tastes like. Its not strong like an 'apple juice' its more crisp, with an apple aftertaste.

Its very hard to describe the juice as it took me by surprise. I expected it to be boring old apple juice, then was taken back when at first it didn't taste like apple ... very pleasant and easy to drink.

I haven't tried the other varieties and so I cannot comment on their flavours, however I am impressed with the Apple variety.

Health wise the juice is pretty good too. A 250ml serving contains 65 calories, 0g fat, 0g saturates, 0g salt but 15.3g sugars (17% of an adults daily amount). This is a pretty high figure if you are diabetic or need to watch your sugar intake, be be aware.

Each carton contains 4 x 250ml servings, so one carton is easily enough for a family of 4. A great breakfast juice or refreshing drink, packed full of vitamin C goodness with no artificial flavours, colours or preservatives.

5alive Apple Five Fruit Blend is a light refreshing juice drink, suitable for all the family.

Available from all supermarkets.

Twinings Tea - Save The Children Tea Party

Twinings Tea
Save The Children Tea Party
25th April - 1st May 2010

This year why not invite your friends and family round for a nice cup of Twinings tea in aid of Save The Children?

Twinings are proud to sponsor tea party's throughout the UK to help raise money for the Save The Children charity, over the past 6 years Twinings have donated over £1,000,000 to help children in China's rural tea growing areas ... now you can help too.

All details are at the Twinings site on a dedicated Save The Children page : http://www.twinings.co.uk/about-us/save-the-children-tea-party/

To download a printable copy of the information, and a free£1.00 voucher off our Twinings Tea deli, CLICK HERE
To order a free fundraising pack with posters, invitations and a how to guide, CLICK HERE

Of course you don't just have to offer 'regular' tea at your tea party, you can offer any of the teas from the Twinings range .. and believe me there are a lot of types of teas to suit every mood.
I have been drinking Twinings Limited Edition Rose Garden tea.

It is a light black tea with the sweet scent of rose, you can drink it black or with milk. I drink mine black as I think it tastes better. You can smell the rose fragrance from when you open the tea bag packet until after you have finished the cup, it is light and refreshing. Your palette feels cleansed and best of all you know its doing your body good.

Tea is a great drink if you are slimming, it helps absorb water to hydrate your body and makes you feel full at the same time. Plus with the fruit teas if you are craving something sweet .. drink a cup of fruit tea, it takes the edge off of your cravings while being good for you.

Twinings tea bags are all of a high quality, they put a lot of effort into each bag and they are all individually wrapped for freshness... plus they are easy to transport in your bag for a mid morning cuppa at work.

Twinings make caffeine-free tea for those who like to stay away from caffeine, Aromatic Chai and they also produce tea in all sorts of flavours and styles: everything from 'green tea with blueberry and raspberry' to 'orange, mango and cinnamon' tea.

So if you would like to join in with their Save The Children Tea Party or buy Twinings online visit the website for more information.

All Twinings teas are also available at most supermarkets and health food shops.

12 Apr 2010

GreenPeople Oy Range

GreenPeople Organic Young Skin Range Oy!

Emma is 9 and has child acne, therefore I have to be careful what products she uses on her skin. Sometimes even mild products cause nasty flare ups so I have been carefully trialing different brands to find the best products for her to use.

GreenPeople have an organic skincare range aimed at young people and teenagers called Oy!
What I like it that its organic and not totally aimed at hormone-filled teenagers, GreenPeople do not have spotty pubescent teenagers promoting their range, just simple images of the products with accurate descriptions.

We have tried two products from the Oy! range to try and combat Emma's spots.
We tried to get a 'skincare regime' in place, to first wash her face and then moisturise. Not too harsh but enough to know that her face had had a good clean.

Oy! Organic Young 'Face-it!' Foaming Anti-Bac Face Wash was instantly liked by Emma as it is a foam. Not quite as foamy as shaving cream, its more like the foam you get on top of a milky coffee.

The reason Emma liked the foam is that she could put it on her face and wash it all off .... all on her own. Remember that she is only 9 and so still needs quite a lot of help with personal products, but one pump of the bottle was enough of the foam to wash her face, then using a flannel she easily washed it off herself.

The foam is soft and natural, it has no gunk included and is certified 93% organic. Containing willow bark, green tea and tea tree it is also full of soothing yet cleansing ingredients.

However ... it smells vile! Luckily for Emma its a slap on and wash off type of product with no sitting around in the middle .. so the smell wasn't too bad when applied. I suppose if you are using all natural products you expect them to smell as they are supposed too - to add in fragrances to mask the natural aromas goes against the whole 'natural organic' point of the product in the first place.

After washing and rinsing Emma applies Oy! 'Cleanse and Moisturise'. A light moisturiser with
willow bark, green tea and mandarin to reduce inflammation and kill bacteria.

This product is a 3in1 Cleanser, Moisturiser & Make-up Remover. The ingredients promote a blemish-free complexion that gently cleanse to rid skin of pollutants and make-up.

We used it like a moisturiser as she doesn't wear make-up, but it is light enough to remove make-up effectively for older users.

I like this product and have even used it myself a couple of times on some dry patches. It is suitable for all skin types, especially acne-prone & sensitive skin.

Both products are available from GreenPeople they have ranges for all ages and skin types.

'Face-it' Foaming Anti-bac Facewash - 100ml £10.99
'Cleanse and Moisturise' - 50ml £8.99

Emma's rating: 8/10

Covent Garden Real Food Market

The Covent Garden Real Food Market returns to the Piazza every Saturday from Easter Weekend
From Saturday 3 April, Covent Garden is set to become the ultimate West End destination for fresh produce on Saturdays. Easter Weekend will see the Covent Garden Real Food Market make its long awaited return to the East Piazza. The iconic London food market, previously held every Thursday, will now continue every Saturday from April 3rd, 2010 until Christmas - now the only market in the West End to pick up top quality fresh produce on Saturdays.

The Covent Garden Real Food Market returns following the success of the 2009 Food Market, which saw the world’s largest cupcake, a vintage tea party on the Piazza and the UK’s first ever food bloggers stall.

Visitors to the Piazza will be able to pick up sumptuous treats from choice traders including Dessert Deli, Flour Station, Woodwards Farm, Mons Cheese and food blogger favourites including world-renowned
Eat Like A Girl, as well as the best in fresh produce from local traders.

So if you are in London for a weekend break (or are lucky enough to live in the London area) ... pop on down and treat yourself to some goodies. Think of the market like a massive weekly farmers market combined with a sophisticated continental twist. Try out new foods to experiment with and treat your palette to some fresh produce.

A good day out, even just to browse.

For more information visit: www.coventgardenlondonuk.com
or follow Covent Garden on Twitter and Facebookwww.twitter.com/coventgardenldn / www.facebook.com/coventgardenldn

7 Apr 2010

Hovis Wholemeal Breakfast Week

Hovis Wholemeal Breakfast Week - 12th April

Hovis research reveals Britain’s working mums have spent an average of three hours on the go before they get to work

British mums are on the go for an average of three hours every day before they have even reached work, research from Hovis reveals.

Cramming in a range of activities such as ironing, making the bed and styling their children’s hair means that working mums are on the go from the moment they get up, with 60% of women admitting that their day is well underway by 7am, and rarely slows until they go to bed just before 11pm. Indeed, the average working mum uses around 500 calories simply undertaking her pre-work chores and getting the family ready, the equivalent to over one hour on a bike!

Alarmingly, despite their action-packed schedules, a quarter of working mums (25%) admit that they regularly forgo breakfast; whilst 59% of those that eat it, spend less than five minutes doing so and 32% don’t even sit down. Despite many missing breakfast themselves, British mums are spending an average of 18 minutes preparing breakfast or lunch for their families before work. It would appear that British mums really don’t have time for themselves, with the average spending just over six minutes on her own make-up in the morning and instead put the family first, spending 28 minutes dressing their children, styling their hair and helping them to clean their teeth.

Almost half of mums (48%) cite a lack of time as a reason to skip breakfast, whilst almost one in seven do so to lose weight. Of all the women questioned 86% admitted snacking in the morning in a bid to stave off hunger, with 44% of the snacks they were turning to being unhealthy such as cakes or pastries, crisps , chocolate bars, and biscuits.

Hovis nutritionist Lindsey Ormond, warns against the perils of going to work on an empty stomach, saying “With the average mum on the go for three hours before work, a healthy, filling breakfast is even more important. Skipping breakfast could mean they are more likely to snack on something unhealthy mid morning in order to keep them going. Many mums do have to keep an eye on the clock in the morning, but factoring in an extra five minutes to eat a couple of slices of wholemeal toast would certainly help power their morning. Not only is wholemeal bread low in fat and sugars, but it is also high in fibre which helps you feel fuller for longer so you may be less likely to reach for those unhealthy snacks.”

This research was conducted ahead of the Hovis Wholemeal Breakfast Week which launches on 12th April, fronted by Olympic Cyclist Victoria Pendleton. As a top athlete and having studied nutrition at University, Victoria really understands the importance of breakfast and always makes sure she starts her day with a healthy and filling option.

Victoria says “A substantial breakfast is a vital part of my training so I make sure I never skip it. I can't perform at my best either physically or mentally without a good start to the day and I would certainly not be able to achieve my long term training goals. It is easy to forget that rushing around after the family can be a workout in itself. The temptation when working to a busy schedule is to neglect yourself, but my advice would be to make the time for a healthy and filling breakfast like 2 slices of Hovis Wholemeal Toast with a light spreading of peanut butter topped with a sliced banana to help you avoid turning to unhealthy snacks before lunch."

For more of my healthy breakfast ideas and further information about Hovis Wholemeal Breakfast Week, log on to http://www.hovisbakery.co.uk/.
Ads for Hovis Wholemeal Breakfast Week will include a 25p coupon to redeem against Hovis Wholemeal bread. The campaign will also run across all Wholemeal packaging and be supported by sampling and in-store point of sale material - So look out for special packs and demonstrations in your local supermarket.

Yumberry Yang-Mei Juice

Organic Yumberry Yang-Mei Juice

I first discovered Organic Yumberry Juice at the Good Food Show last November at the NEC. I sampled the juices and brought a couple of bottles at the show.

So why am I writing about it? I feel that I need to spread the word about Yumberry Juice and how good it is for you.

Yang-Mei fruit hosts a range of nutrients. Tests have shown that the fruit contains vitamins A, B1, B2, B6, C, E and folacin. In fact 100g of yang-mei fruit gives you nearly a quarter of your recommended daily allowance of vitamin C as well as 13% of your folacin and 12% of your biotin RDA.

In addition, yang-mei contains selenium which enhances the activity of vitamin E when consumed in conjunction with it. More than this, scientific evidence shows the presence in yang-mei fruit of ellagic acid, quercetin and myricetin.

We all know that for optimum health we should have a balanced diet which contains essential vitamins, but how many of us achieve this daily? Drinking Yumberry Yang-Mei Juice you can top up your vitamins, refresh your body and help keep your body healthy by just drinking a drink - no pills or supplements.

Yumberry Yang-Mei Juice comes in two variants:

300ml - 100 % Yang-Mei Juice.

For the full on Yumberry experience try the 100% organic yang-mei juice (made from concentrate) in a iconic 300ml glass bottle.
No added sweeteners, extenders or cheapeners. Just packed full of the great taste and goodness of yang-mei fruit.

I personally find this juice a bit 'full-on', its quite strong with a tarty undertone. However you can taste the goodness in the juice and feel the impact of the fullness of the fruit and vitamins that they contain.

500ml - 50% Yang-Mei Juice Drink.

For a lighter experience try the 50% Yumberry Juice Drink. Again it is exactly what it says on the bottle - 50% yang-mei juice.
They just add some fructose, citric acid and water to make it light, sweet and flavoursome.

I prefer this version of Yang-Mei Juice its easy to drink and very refreshing. Its like a 'squash' and very moreish. My daughter also prefers this lighter juice as she finds the other too strong for her young palette.

Both juices are best served chilled.

For stockists please visit: http://www.yumberryuk.co.uk/stockists.htm

You can also buy online direct from the website: http://www.yumberryuk.co.uk/store.htm

A great product full of benefits - my rating 9/10

Wedge Wellies

My Sole Mates

Wedge Wellies ... whatever will the think of next?? I suppose if Victoria Beckham ever wants to take the kids to the farm, these would be perfect for the occasion.

This year at the music festivals you can look cool with these wellies ... also available in navy they are a great way to have fun, look stylish in wellies but keep clean at the same time - genius!

Sizes UK 3-8

Price £18.99

All payment types accepted - even Paypal!

Murad Goji Berry Gift Set

Murad Goji Berry Gift Set

The Goji Berry Gift Set from Murad comes in a lovely foiled gift tube delicately decorated. Inside are two 125ml tubes: Purifying Goji Berry Body Wash and Nourishing Goji Berry Body Cream.

Have you ever opened a gift set and straight away been engulfed by a delicious fragrance?
To me both Goji Berry products smell edible like marzipan with a hint of blackcurrant, very warm and luxurious. You can tell that these products are nutritionally rich and deliciously indulgent your skin just from the initial fragrance.

So what is a Goji Berry? From the information on the back of the gift box it states that Goji Berries are an exotic fruit that has been used for more than 2000 years for healing. Dr Murad has harnessed the powers of Goji Berries to cleanse, nourish and protect your body and soul as you pamper yourself using the body wash and body cream.
Super fruit Goji Berries are packed with antioxidants, trace minerals, amino acids and have 500 times the vitamin C of oranges ... so these little berries have quite a bit of punch!

Purifying Goji Berry Body Wash is a gentle exfoliating gel which bathes skin with natural anti-oxidants as it reveals a softer, smoother skin.
When you then use the Nourishing Goji Berry Body Cream this hydrates your skin while infusing it with a powerful antioxidant protection.

Available from the Dr Murad range: http://www.murad.co.uk/goji-berry-gift-set
Priced at around £29.95 - £19.95 depending on offers.

NOM Naturally Light Yogurt

NOM 'Naturally Light' Yogurt

At present its Easter and we are surrounded by calories and sweet flavours, but what if you are diabetic or dieting and fancy something 'nice' for a snack or to round off your meal?

NOM’s new ‘Naturally Light’ yogurt range is made with 100% natural ingredients, NOM Naturally Light contains less than 132 calories per 180g pot and less than 93 calories per 125g pot, they also contain 0% fat – making them a rare guilt-free treat!

There are loads of different yogurts on the market, some are thick and creamy, others full of fruity bits and others that just don't 'look' special (so you don't bother with them).
NOM are different, they are presented in good sized proper yogurt pots, are light but filling and are available in four different mouthwatering flavours: Senga Strawberry, Morello Cherry, Alphonso Mango & Passionfruit and Bourbon Vanilla.

I liked the Morello Cherry flavour the most, big chunky cherries in a light cherry flavour yogurt. It was 'too cherry' just enough to satisfy my sweet tooth. The Vanilla was also very tasty with a nice aftertaste of vanilla after every spoonful.
I found the Mango and Passionfruit a little tarty for my liking, however the strawberry was divine.

For a yogurt I would have preferred them to be a little thicker, but these are a 'light' range. I would expect other yogurts from their range to perhaps suit my taste better like NOM's Naturally Creamy or Naturally Good yogurts.

NOM Naturally Light yogurts are available from Tesco, Morrisons, Iceland and Nisa stores.

Naturally Light yogurts are also available in single pots or flavour multipacks of 4.

My rating 8/10

Hotter Shoes

Hotter Shoes - www.hottershoes.com

A few years ago I was sent a catalogue for Hotter Shoes, I'll admit that my first impression wasn't a good one. It seemed full of very expensive old lady shoes and bulky sandals ..... not anymore they seemed to have had a major style overhaul !!

Take a moment to think about your shoes.
Are they comfy? Are they stylish? Do your feet/toes ache from being squashed in? Do your heels hurt or balls of your feet ache after walking for a while?
Hotter shoes have been working hard to combat all of these problems - they have designed 'Comfort Concept' and offer a 100% Happy Guarantee on every pair.

Every pair of Hotter Shoes are top quality. They are real leather and have special hidden comfort features such as extra wiggle room for toes, added ankle padding, removable breathable insoles and lightweight soles which are made from millions of tiny air bubbles.

Hotter Shoes also offer 1/2 sizes and extra wide fittings, Woman's shoes, Men's shoes and even slippers !! All of a very high quality and style.

You may look at the prices and scream "How much!" but you get good quality for the price that you pay. I have been wearing the 'Penny' style and they are the most comfiest shoes I have ever had, they fit well (I have extra wide) and support my feet in all directions. I have been wearing these everyday for the past 2 months and they show no signs of wear.
Being real leather they are pretty robust and even cope with having acrylic paint splattered all over them and cleaned off quite harshly.

I was surprised by the range available, its worth having a good browse through before ordering as I am sure you will be hooked when you receive them and won't take them off.

When ordering give them a call and see if they are offering any first order offers (like free delivery or an offer code), it doesn't hurt to ask as with all mail order companies.

I totally recommend Hotter Shoes and have already chosen some sandals for the summer, I know they will fit correctly and not rub my feet even in hot weather - I have that much confidence in the brand and company.

For more information please contact: www.hotter.com or call 0800 525 893 for a catalogue.
My rating 10/10

6 Apr 2010

Slim.Fast 321 Plan

Slim.Fast 321 Plan

Slim.Fast, the iconic weight loss brand, is set to launch a new plan: ‘Slim.Fast 3.2.1’. The updated plan will continue to offer a simplified approach to weight loss, offering a variety of delicious and nutritionally-balanced, portion-controlled meal replacements to help people lose weight quickly, easily and safely.

The name ‘3.2.1’ simply refers to the daily meal plan regime of 3 snacks, 2 shakes and/or meal bars and 1 balanced meal. The new product range provides built-in portion and calorie control, so there are no counting calories or points, or weighing of foods.

Each Slim.Fast meal replacement contains a precise balance of proteins, carbohydrates, fibre and healthy fats, together with essential vitamins and minerals. This guarantees you get the nutrients you need while losing weight, packed into tasty shakes and crunchy meal bars. This unique combination makes slimming with Slim.Fast not just healthy, but enjoyable too.

Slim.Fast is committed to understanding the motivators that lead people to lose weight and help them navigate the challenges of dieting. The Slim.Fast principals on which the 3.2.1 Plan is based have stood the test of time for over three decades. Plus, Slim.Fast has over 10 years of clinical evidence showing people using Slim.Fast can lose more weight and keep it off for longer than with a conventional calorie-controlled diet.
I have tried the latest snacks and shakes from Slim.Fast and I must say I am pleasantly surprised.
The powder shakes now come in Café Latte, Summer Strawberry, Rich Chocolate, Blissful Banana, and Simply Vanilla. They are only 230 calories each if made with skimmed milk, perfect for breakfast or lunchtime.
When Slim.Fast first launched (or at least became popular) their powder shakes used to always be gritty as if the powder hadn't dissolved enough no matter how long you shook it for ... they seemed to have solved this and now the shakes are smooth and creamy.
The ready to drink shakes are the same, smooth and creamy, quite tasty and easy to drink on the go. Each bottle is 325ml and contains only 220 calories, there are eight delicious flavours to choose from and you can use these to replace one of your daily meals (breakfast or lunch).

Also each Slim.Fast Ready-to-Drink Shake has 22 essential vitamins and minerals and provides protein and fibre. The flavours include: Rich Chocolate, Simply Vanilla, Café Latte, Blissful Banana, Raspberry Crush, Fruits of the Forest, Summer Strawberry and limited edition flavour Lemon Meringue.

In addition to the shakes Slim.Fast also have a range of meal bars. Perfect if you are not a big fan of milk or during the day you are not near a fridge - you can keep the meal bars in your bag or pocket. Each bar is 210 calories or less and there are three flavours to choose from: Chocolate Crunch, Fruits of the Forrest and Yogurt Muesli.

I haven't tried the bars, but I did try some of Slim.Fast's snacks and they were quite tasty and filling for a small packet.

I would like to emphasize that although Slim.Fast products are full of essential nutrients and can help aid weight loss you must always talk to your doctor before starting a diet such as Slim.Fast and keep in touch if you start to feel ill or 'under the weather' while following the plan.

At no time should Slim.Fast be used to substitute all your meals, the plan is designed for breakfast and lunch replacement only ... you must always eat a balanced and sensible dinner (main meal of the day). The packs and website will help you with recipes and meal plans to suit your lifestyle.

For more information on all products and weight loss please visit: www.slimfast.co.uk

2 Apr 2010

Nestle Retro Easter Eggs

Nestle Retro Easter Eggs
This year Nestle have brought back their iconic eggs from the 80's, all the types and styles of eggs that I remember from when I was little.
I used to get all egg-cited when someone gave me an egg as they were HUGE :) I am happy to say that in our ever-shrinking price-increasing world the size of Nestles Easter Egg's have stayed the same!

Available this Easter are a selection of Nestle's top quality confectionery as boxed Easter Eggs. All major supermarkets stock them and I think you will struggle to choose which egg to buy for who (and don't forget to tell others which egg you want too!).
The Rolo egg comes with a large hollow chocolate egg, 2 full size packets of Rolo's and a single 'last Rolo' to give to your loved one.

Emma asked me what the single Rolo was for so I told her "Its to give to the one I love most!", she looked at me confused and promptly ate it!

The Smartie Egg is Egg-sellent, it contains a Smartie mug ... how cool is that! When I was little I had a Smartie mug and I think I had a matching egg cup too. Each hollow egg is made from top quality Nestle chocolate which is smooth and creamy, remember to not get carried away and eat a whole egg in one sitting as you could feel quite sick ... but that would be your own fault for being greedy (says the girl who ate a whole egg *ahem*).

I will save the best till last!!! Not only have Nestle egg-selled themselves with their retro styled eggs they have also released a Milkybar Moo-Cow.
Its cool, according to Andy who ate the whole thing while I stuffed my face with Rolo Egg the Milkybar Cow is gorgeous.

Made from pure Milkybar its a hollow cow shaped egg covered in printed foil. Great for little ones and adults, a brilliant gift for family and friends.
Milkybar is made from 100% natural ingredients which is why mums love to give their toddler a small a treat of Milkybar - so they can now have an Easter treat too.

Nestle have really impressed me this year and I hope they bring back more versions next year. I will certainly buy them.

Available from all major supermarkets.
Milkybar Cow RRP £1.99
Rolo, Smarties and Yorkie Eggs also available.