13 Dec 2013

free personalised e-story

www.itsyourstory.co.uk are giving away a free personalised Animated Snowman e-story book to every child between now and Christmas.

Each e-story book incorporates the child's face into the illustrations making them the star of the story. It also incorporates their name, friends name, village/town and other information about them into the storyline. Each story book also includes a message from the creator at the front, making it a lovely Christmas keepsake.
The Animated Snowman e-story takes the child on a magical Christmas adventure to the North Pole. There's something to spot on every page from falling snow and glowing candles to a roaring fire and flying fairies.

The story follows the child's adventures when they wake on Christmas morning to discover a double-decker bus parked in the garden full of snowmen. Without hesitation the child jumps on the back of the bus and heads to the North Pole to help Father Christmas and his elves wrap, sort and deliver all the presents. Will they make it back to their home before everyone wakes up? And will their family believe that they have helped save Christmas?
Making a personalised e-story book with Itsyourstory couldn't be easier - simply upload a digital photo to their website, fill out the information about the child and Itsyourstory will do the rest using the latest digital print technology. You will then receive an email with a link to view the e-story as many times as you want. This can be forwarded to friends and family for their enjoyment too!

To create a free Animated Snowman e-story simply visit https://www.itsyourstory.co.uk/products/49-animated-snowman-e-story before Christmas and use the code FESTIVEFUN at the checkout.

19 Nov 2013

Just Eat

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BBC Good Food Show 2013

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31 Oct 2013

English Hero

(Guest Review) 

Review of English Hero,
 Texthelp's English Language Learning software

By Chris Pim, Independent ICT & EAL Consultant

Following the release of English Hero, Texthelp’s latest version of its English Language Learning suite of tools, this article considers what makes this product stand out from the crowd.

The name English Hero conjures up the image of the archetypal ‘knight in shining armour’, metaphorically ready to defend learners in their skirmishes with this ‘new’ language.  Hinting at cultural tradition and the very roots of English, this simple notion will appeal both to international students coming to live in the UK or those living abroad, studying English as foreign language (EFL).

English Hero comprises a set of access tools situated on a floating toolbar that seamlessly integrates with applications such as Microsoft Office and common web browsers. The software is easy to install and upon opening I was immediately impressed by the simple interface, with clear icons and simple explanatory words that pop-up as a user hovers their mouse over the toolbar.

One of the main strengths of English Hero is its flexibility and ease of use. The toolbar is unobtrusive, floating above a working document or docked to the sides of the screen, a click away from a range of tools that variously support speaking, listening, reading and writing. Each tool has its own individual merits; consequently certain tools will have more relevance than others depending upon the context for learning and the individual language needs of the user.

What English Hero does well is to move English language learners beyond acquisition of social and conversational language into more academic realms. The tools can open up texts for learners whose speaking and listening skills tend to naturally precede reading and writing. There are a range of supports for emergent writers as well as those getting to grips with grammar. Teachers will also appreciate the ease with which they can produce learning materials for their students.

One of the most significant features in English Hero is the ‘text-to-speech’ feature which allows a learner to listen to a text read aloud in a natural sounding voice. The clever software can read at a customisable pace and even makes allowance for punctuation. A user can select from a range of voices, both male and female, as well as those with accents from other English speaking countries such as Australia and USA. For those wishing to improve pronunciation, perhaps one of the last linguistic features to be mastered, students can employ the Pronunciation Tutor, which does a good job of orally showing where the phonetic stress within words needs to be placed. 

Students (or teachers) can use the Speech Maker feature to select a body of text and create an audio file that can be played back at a later time. This is particularly useful for 21st century learners, constantly on the move, who have access to a range of mobile technologies like phones, mp3 players and tablet devices. It also has resonance for the notion of ‘flipped learning’ where students can internalise content and academic language prior to a more formalised teaching session.
Whilst reading, or perhaps listening to a text, a student has access to a full Dictionary that not only provides a clear definition but places the word into a contextualised sentence, which aids understanding. There is also a Picture Dictionary containing thousands of pictographic images that help to convey meaning in a more instantly accessible way. A user can use the Highlight tool to select individual words and passages of text and then click the Collect Highlights icon. This pastes the text into a new document, along with a reference, which is extremely useful for research purposes. Using a similar approach, a teacher can collect individual words and then click the Vocabulary tool to create a revision worksheet containing the words, their corresponding images and a notes column that could, for example, be used to write a translation in a stronger first language.

When it comes to writing there are several tools that can unshackle students from the problem of drafting work that contains a demoralising number of errors, enabling them to tackle the more important aspect of learning how to write cohesively. There is a comprehensive Spell Check that can be used as a student types or employed later, after the initial drafting phase. The Prediction tool is incredibly useful as it brings up a list of potential words as a user types. They can then click their intended word from the list and enter it directly into their text, avoiding the worry of spelling it correctly. The Sounds Like and Confusable Words tool helps students with homophones and homonyms, for example the typical confusion between ‘they’re, there and their’. Finally the Verb Checker allows a student to feel more confident about maintaining tense throughout their writing.

English Hero doesn’t purport to teach English in the traditional sense. What it does well, is to provide a range of tools to support student’s developing use of language across the curriculum. Whether for just one student or perhaps implemented on a site licence basis, institutions finally have an innovative product that can genuinely meet the individual needs of their English language learners.

1 Oct 2013

Shoplet Review

I have been asked to review a range of products available from www.shoplet.co.uk

Shoplet is an online office supplies store that offers one of the largest online selections of office and business products! No matter what your business needs, they can supply it.
Even better, their unique fulfillment system and low overhead allow them to sell those supplies at unheard-of prices. 
Shoplet also offer bulk discounts and preferred partner pricing.

Need it fast? No problem - Shoplet ship from a vast network of warehouses, ensuring nearly all products are available for next-day delivery. Of course, there's only one way to improve next-day delivery: make it free. 
So, all orders over £30, with a very few exceptions, ship next-day absolutely free.

Rexel Nimbus Letter Tray

I have used letter trays in the past and have found that letters and documents have got wedged at the back, missed or lost under a stack of papers.

The Rexel Nimbus Letter Tray is actually quite smooth and sleek.  It doesn't teeter on little legs between trays, they stack by using the whole top edge of each tray, so no wobbly letter trays on your desk.
The letter tray is made from strong clear acrylic which looks and feels like thick glass but is very very strong.
The tray's inner size is 320mm x 240mm which is wider than A4 with some good room to spare on the width but fits snuggly on the length (so no lost papers at the back).
To sit on a desk without slipping the letter tray has two rubber feet which are also clear.

I am impressed by the quality and style of the Rexel Nimbus Letter Tray.  
RRP £7.81 (ex VAT).

Igenix 2 Slice Toaster

Did you know that not all toasters have a removable crumb tray? Sometimes you have to take your toaster into the garden and shake it upside down over the bird table for the crumbs to come out (always shake it outside, the birds love the crumbs!).  Well this toaster has a tray and a lot more gadgets too :)

The settings allow you to toast from frozen and also reheat items.  The browning can be adjusted by turning the dial (no faffy buttons), and the slots are wide enough for crumpets but move in and out on their own to hold bread securely. 

My only quibble is that it is quite slow, but for only £10.66 (ex VAT) you can't really complain.

The toaster comes with 2 years warranty which is fantastic. It has an area underneath to store the cord and there is no need to worry about the sides getting hot as the walls remain cool when in use.

All-in-all for a toaster thats a little over £10 its a good product, I keep mine in my caravan - perfect for holiday breakfast :)

RRP £10.66 (ex VAT)

Brita Optimax Cool Memo Water Filter

We have never thought about having a water filter before, my in-laws have a water filter system in the door of their fridge which we use when we go round, but we have never had one at home.

The Optimax Cool Memo Water Filter is a water container that fits on the shelf of your fridge.  It is quite big and holds 7.5 litres of water, the shape of the container does give you small handles in which to carry it when full, but I still found it tricky not to spill it everywhere when lifting it onto the shelf of my fridge.

The set-up was easy to do.  I unwrapped the Brita filter and followed the initial use instructions before placing it in the slot inside the water filter container.  Then all I had to to was turn on the clever counter which measures use of the filter and shows you how much life is left in it, then fill it with water.

Emma (my daughter) has had the first taste (I left it for 3 hours to cool) and said that the water tastes of 'nothing'.  This is a good recommendation as at present our water tastes of chlorine as the water board have been messing with the pipes in the next street.

This unit can also be placed on the kitchen worktop, you don't have to put it in the fridge if you don't want too or do not have the space too.  The filter still works effectively outside of the fridge.

At £47.64 (ex VAT) it is a little pricey, but I am sure that time will tell to see if we prefer filtered water to water direct from the tap.  Now I am off to go and make a nice cup-of-tea using filtered water :)

Avery Eco Pen Pot

For an Avery product I thought this would be better, I am actually quite disappointed.

In the picture the product is in one piece, in real-life the compartment part comes away from the outer piece.  They do not seem to fit together snugly and even if forced together, they come apart again and jiggle around.
The product would be better if the two parts were ultra-sonically welded together (plastic welded) as this would make it more sturdy and value for money.

On a good note, I now have two pots, one with compartments and another thats a big empty leaf shaped pot.

However the compartments are good sizes with the back ones being very very deep so that you can store items such as rulers and scissors.
The sections become shallower the further you come to the front so that the ones at the front are great for holding paper clips etc.....

I would give this item 6/10.

RRP £7.34 (ex VAT)

BIC Kids Couleur Medium Felt Tip Pens

Good quality medium nib felt tip pens, they last quite a long time even after quite heavy use.  The colours are quite bright and they wash out of clothing easily.   When colouring they do not go through the paper, which is great for school work.
From BIC I did expect them to be good and I was impressed.  I have been using these with my students at work and they too find them easy to colour with to gain good results.

RRP £2.88 (ex VAT)

23 Sep 2013

SprayWhite 90

Guest blog review by Sabrina from http://BESskincare.com

SprayWhite 90

What’s the first thing you notice about someone when you meet them? Is it their clothes, their eyes, the color of their hair? For me, it’s their smile.

There’s something so telling about a person with a beautiful smile. It makes you want to be closer to them, trust them, maybe even kiss them?

With that being said, part of a great smile includes beautifully white teeth. If you open up your mouth and it’s stained yellow, chances are I'm going to assume you don’t take very good care of yourself. Let’s be real, if my boyfriend opened up his and it looked nasty, I wouldn't be going anywhere near it!

I’m not going to pretend that I haven’t spent good money keeping my teeth white. After all, I love my red wine and coffee. I modeled for years, so you can only imagine how important it was to keep those pearly whites, white! This is how I discovered Spray White 90.

A Teeth Whitening Product Worth Purchasing

The Spray White 90 is a home teeth whitening kit that transforms your stained yellow teeth, into a dazzling white smile. The best part is, it only takes 90 seconds!

Now I know you’re thinking it sounds too good to be true, but trust me, it’s not.

This product comes with two powerful teeth whitening agents; SprayWhite 90 Whitener Spray and the SprayWhite 90 Enhancing Rinse.

To use it is simple. All you have to do is directly spray your teeth, swish it around in your mouth then spit it out. By spraying directly on your teeth, you are getting maximum whitening with minimal product.

Next, pour the enhancing rinse on your tongue, swish some more and spit again. The enhancing rinse shuts off surface concentration and neutralizes acidity from oxygen for the duration of the whitening process.

I told you it was easy!

What I Loved

There are so many things to love about this product. First of all, when you buy it off their official website it costs as little as $14.95 and comes with a 30 Day Money Back Guarantee. Since you’re meant to see results in just 90 seconds, you have ample time to return the product if it’s not up to your standards.

The simplicity of the SprayWhite 90 is also something I enjoyed. It doesn’t matter where you are, you can spray, rinse and whiten. It’s compact and comes in a travel case, so why not toss it in your purse for on-the-go whitening?

Finally, one of the biggest reasons I loved this product was because it didn’t leave my teeth feeling sensitive. I’ve tried teeth whitening strips and gels and they left my teeth feeling sensitive to temperature changes and sore to touch. Not only do you not have to worry about messy strips and gels, but you don’t have to suffer from dental pain. Now that’s winning!

What I Loathed

This is what you’ve been waiting for; the catch 22. The only thing I didn’t love about SprayWhite 90 was it’s taste. Let me be clear, it was awful. The first time I sprayed it, the pungent taste made me gag a little. Being the trooperI am, I powered through and eventually got used to it. After all, it’s only 90 seconds!

If you’re smile needs a bit of dazzling, give this product a try. For such a low price, what have you got to lose? As someone who’s literally spent hundreds (maybe even thousands) of dollars on my teeth, I wish I had discovered this product sooner.  

Author Bio: Sabrina is a beauty and skincare blogger for http://BESskincare.com
A DIY-loving, product reviewing jet-setter, you can keep in touch with her on Facebook and Twitter.

19 Sep 2013

Educational SEN Resources

Educational SEN Resources

I am a Lecturer in the SLDD Department of South Staffordshire College, I teach Life Skills, Literacy and Numeracy to a wide range ages all with different needs.

Recently I have been planning my resources for the coming academic year and looked around for new and innovative products that would stimulate my learners.

Bananagrams  PEARSinPAIRS (rrp £15.99)

Pears in Pairs is a word game consisting of good quality letter tiles in a pear shaped bag.  The letter tiles are fun way for children to develop cognitive skills while learning word construction.

We used the game in groups of 2 - 4 learners for a variety of games.

The aim of the game is to create words that cross through each other from the tiles that you have been given, the first player to create so many crossed words is the winner.  You can gain points by only using tiles with the same pattern on them, although we haven't used this part of the game yet.

I have also used these tiles in the classroom to play 'countdown' style games by giving the learners 11 tiles that they can move around to see how many words they can make out of the letters.  I found that by using the tiles they were more inclined to join in as some find it difficult to just have the letters written on paper.  It also gave me an opportunity to give different learners different letters to prevent 'cheating'.

The tiles are sturdy and well made, my learners said that they liked the feel of the tiles and how they clink together.  They were also very impressed with the pear shaped bag, although they did sometimes struggle a little to fit all the tiles back into it.

We have also used it to help with letter recognition and pairing for lower level learners, plus creating words such as their name with or without prompting.

Aimed at age 3+ This is the kind of resource that can be used over and over, it is stimulating and educational.  The word building game has appealed to learners from age 16 to 50 in my classes, all enjoyed the game, or gave the game their own twist if they were struggling.

All products in the Bananagrams range are available to on the High Street at independent toy and book stores as well as John Lewis, WH Smith, Waterstones, a range of supermarkets and www.winningmoves.com/shop. 

For more information, visit www.bananagrams.com

SeeSaw IPad Stand from Griffin 

We are encouraged to use ILT in the classroom, we have the interactive white boards but for some learners it is too far away for them to see.
Computers are good in the classroom but learner in wheelchairs (unless sitting at specially adapted desks) cannot always reach the mouse or keyboard.

IPads are a valuable resource to the classroom, their are Apps for all ages and abilities plus with the touch screen nearly all learners can interact with them.

There is one massive problem with IPads and that it they are very easy to drop, break and they lay flat on the desk unless you have a stand for them to sit on.

The SeeSaw Stand from Griffin fits the bill for solving a number of problems for the IPad.  The IPad fits snugly inside the tough foamy-plastic case.  This is soft to the touch and brightly coloured.  It has a space that can be used as a handle and even while inside the case you can reach all ports for charging, volume, headphones etc....

Inside the case is strengthening sections, it is very lightweight but not hollow.  I haven't chucked the IPad and SeeSaw case on the floor as although sturdy the IPad isn't mine to throw about, but I feel the SeeSaw would protect the IPad if dropped a little more than if dropped without a case.

An excellent feature of the stand is that it can be sat on a desk portrait or landscape, this helps with all learners as bending over the desk to read or play can make your neck ache after a while, plus pairs or groups of learners can all see the screen at the same time.

At the back of the SeeSaw is also a space to fit a stylus, this is useful if your learners prefer to use a stylus rather than their finger and it stops sticky finger prints all over the screen.

SeeSaw (compatible with iPad generations 2, 3 & 4) is available in pool blue or citron for £29.99 at store.griffintechnology.com/seesaw-for-ipad-2-3-4th-gen

Pencil Stylus No.2

For years people have used the No.2 yellow pencils at school and home, if you asked someone to draw a pencil they would probably draw you a hexagonal shaped yellow pencil.

The No.2 Pencil Stylus feels like a pencil, it is the same weight and size.  Like any good stylus, Griffin's No. 2 Pencil Stylus gives you more than just fingertip control as you write, sketch, tap and gesture on your iPad, iPhone, or other touchscreen. The soft rubber tip is designed to mimic your finger, but, unlike your finger, it keeps your touchscreen free of fingerprints and smudges.

The Pencil Stylus will not fit into the back of the SeeSaw stand from Griffin, but because it is hexagonal it will not roll off the desk and looks cool in your pocket (or behind your ear like a builder!).

My daughter loves the No.2 Pencil Stylus as she loves to draw, she said that it gives good control when drawing on the IPad (she has the IPad Mini), better than regular styluses.

No. 2 Pencil Stylus is available for £19.99 at store.griffintechnology.com/no-2-pencil-stylus-for-touchscreens.  

3M Post-it Notes

3M Post-it Notes have been around for years, they used to be used to take notes by the phone or to stick on the fridge when you run out of milk.  These days 3M Post-it Notes are used for all sorts of uses, particularly in the classroom.
3M Post-it Notes come in all different shapes and sizes.   I like to use these shapes to liven up my marking and feedback on the learners work.  The shapes and colours are striking and are very positive for the learner to receive on their work.  We used to give stars and stickers for good work, now we can write on a star shaped post-it note to show how good the work is, or if more needs to be added then an arrow shape or speech mark can be used to give tips and hints.
I also like to use 3M Post-it Notes during class discussions.  I hand out blocks of Super Sticky Post-it Notes around the room and ask the learners to discuss in small groups different topics.  I use the Super Sticky as these stick better on the white board when they group comes back together to share their answers.
I also like to photocopy their answers and give all learners a copy for their work book.  I find the Super Sticky can be stuck onto paper after being displayed onto a greasy board so that they can be moved to the photocopier.
Thought showers, ideas, quiz answers and even a 'voice' to shy learners can all be enhanced with 3M Post-it Notes.  Some learners do not like to call out answers, they prefer to write down their ideas.  3M Post-it Notes are brilliant for showing if a learner requires help or support by sticking different colours to the edge of the desk (Pink I need Help, Orange I am OK, Green I am fine), this gives a visual insight for the teacher or support worker without having to ask, check or miss a learner who doesn't like to show they are struggling.

I love 3M Post-it Notes!!  They are a major part of my lessons.  I even allow the learners to use the shapes on posters (sometimes they need a little glue on the back unless you use the 'full adhesive' styles) to give their work more pizazz!! 

For more information and ideas please visit www.3m.co.uk  or follow @3m_uk on Twitter.

Command Brand Damage Free Hanging

In my classroom we have a lot of displays and wall space.  Some are on pinboards where I can attach work with a staple gun, but other areas are smooth surfaces.

In the past I have refrained from using these areas as if the items fall off in the middle of the night (which is what happens when using sticky tack) the falling item will set off the alarm calling the police.

Command hooks and picture hanging kits are different.  They are really strong and unlike sticky pads they do not mark the surface if you want to remove them.

I have used the hooks on the back of the classroom door to allow the painting aprons to be hung up, this makes it easier for the learners to fetch their apron, they dry quicker (even after being washed, I just hang them back up to dry) and also as they are always in the classroom it reminds the learners to actually wear them.

I am planning to use the picture hanging strips on clipboards.  On the clipboards we can display ideas to create a daily changing display area or just store the boards for use during lessons.  I haven't had chance to clear a good sized area or buy 'nice' clipboards yet, but this is in the pipeline.  

The strips are strong enough that the learners will be able to take down and replace the boards without the worry of the whole lot coming down or the learners catching themselves or clothing on nails hammered into the wall.

When I have created my clipboard display I will post a photo to show what it looks like and update on if it has worked the way I wanted it too.

Command products are available from: Amazon.co.uk, Asda, B&Q, Homebase, Robert Dyas, Ryman, Sainsbury's, Staples, Tesco, WHSmith and 3MDirect.co.uk

Please visit www.commandstrips.co.uk for more information and ideas for uses.

Dockside Reading Scheme

Dockside is an accessible, but tightly structured, new reading scheme that builds confidence and motivates even the most 'switched-off' beginner or catch-up reader.

Each level has a set of books and worksheets that compliment the stories. They look at word matching, word building, repeating phrases and words to build confidence.

I gave three of my learners a book each and the sheets that went with the book.  Two of the learners go stuck in and started reading, a little slow, but they managed it.
The third was really trying to not do the work, making up excuses etc.... about reading the book "Its for babies!" and "Urrggghh reading! I had enough of that at school!".
I took the learner aside and sat in another room with him, it turned out that he could barely read (do not fear, this is a new lad who has only just joined the college).  Together we read the book and I talked through the worksheets with him until he was happy to continue alone.
At the end of the session I collected in everyone's work and he was still scribbling away, he wanted to finish the sheet before the end of the lesson!!

 The books are based on teenagers and the antics they get up too.  The illustrations are like large comic style, one scene per page with little text and repetitive words.

Each set of books come with a set of worksheets and a CDRom.  The worksheets are literacy based and have good sized text with simple instructions.  The company have remembered that if the learner is struggling to read then its not worth filling the worksheet with tons of difficult words. 

I am really impressed with this set, so far all 3 of my groups have read the books that I had to review and have enjoyed them.

For more information please visit: www.risingstars-uk.com  

Royal Mail in association with iChild.co.uk

The Royal Mail in association with iChild has created some wonderful work packs full of stimulating lesson ideas, plans, worksheets and resources.

I have been using the Doctor Who education resources and the Sporting Dreams (based on the Olympics) in my tutorial lessons.  

Each pack has blanks for learners to design their own stamps, games, worksheets to make them think or use their imagination etc...

Each pack can also be downloaded for FREE here:



Both packs are highly recommended by my learners, they have created some lovely ideas and work based around the themes.

There is also a Ben & Holly's Little Kingdom pack but I haven't used this as it is a little too low for my level and age of learners, however its great for younger children.

Please visit www.ichild.co.uk for more information and other educational ideas.

New Heinz Soup

Liven up your lunchtime 
With brand new flavoursome Heinz Soups

Setting lunch times alight, Heinz is excited to announce the launch of the new “supercharged” soup range, which is a flavoursome twist on the classic soup recipes that you know and love.

Add some spicy punch to your lunch with a sizzling bowl of Cream of Tomato with A Kick of Chilli or Cream of Tomato with Fiery Mexican Spices, or sit back and relax with the smooth and indulgent Cream of Mushroom with Wild Porcini Mushrooms or Cream of Chicken with Aromatic Thai Spices.

I tried the Cream of Mushroom with Wild Porcini Mushrooms, it tastes like a stronger version of their usual cream of mushroom but with a punchier mushroom taste and lots of small chunks of mushroom in it.  To be honest it was really nice and I would buy this version over the original.  The taste and texture are very 'warm you up' on a cold day, I ate it from a bowl with crusty bread but this would also be lovely from a mug.

Emma tried the Cream of Chicken with Aromatic Thai Spices.  The soup does have a kick to it, but its not an unpleasant kick it is comfortable and suits the chicken.  Emma doesn't eat 'spicy' food, yet enjoyed this variant of Heinz's cream of chicken.  She ate it with sliced bread and butter quarters from a bowl, this soup is suited to a bowl rather than a mug.  This will definitely warm you up inside and out on a cold day.

The new and exciting flavours are guaranteed to provide the perfect mid-day ‘pick-me-up’. 
Whatever your mood Heinz has a new soup adventure for you to try! Give your lunchtime a make-over this August with Heinz’s new soups, available to snap up in store for £1.19.

For more information head to the Heinz official website at http://www.heinz.co.uk/ourfood

25 Aug 2013

Play Tray

Play Tray

The Play Tray is a soft fabric covered foam tray with removable side panels and a hole for a cup/bottle.
The fabric is wipe cleanable, so spills, sticky bits, food smears, colouring pens etc... can be easily wiped away.  The fabric is also virtually indestructible and does not rip or tear easily, so will last a good while.

Positives of the product:
Great length of lap belt, it filled easily around my niece in her buggy and sat nicely on her lap.The side pockets come off and on easily by adults, but are quite tricky for children.  Great as they can come off for cleaning but are not pulled on and off constantly.Brilliant in fast food restaurants or food places where there are no high chairs or no room to store the buggy while you use their highchair.  Being wipe clean you can place the child's food directly onto the surface as you know it is clean and is easy to clean after. Small size so fits nicely under your buggy or can be stored in a bag and hung off on the back.  It is also lightweight so you do not have to lug it about. 
The side pockets are large enough to store snacks, or to hide snacks/treats/toys while child is eating their main meal.  As above pockets are large enough to store small toys to keep child occupied between courses.

Negatives of the product:
Not brilliant for the car.  It was tricky to put around the child without getting in the way of the carseat straps.On a booster seat it trapped the seatbelt, which we felt was unsafe.Would inflict removing the child quickly should an accident occur as it restricts access to seatbelt/straps.Once its on its on, the child cannot change their mind mid-journey unless an adult is in the back with them to assist removal.The tray isn't big enough to use for drawing, the width is quite shallow even for a 2 year old.  She was a little cramped.

All in all I have mixed feelings for this product.  It is robust and can take a lot of mistreatment (chucking it under the buggy, scrubbing it with a wet wipe, accidently being squashed in the boot of the car under the shopping). 
As a 'car tray' I do not like how it affects the seatbelts, but as a buggy tray or make-shift highchair tray is is brilliant!

Advertising Post

23 Aug 2013

Advertising Post

Mag Spray


Magnesium Mineral Spray is an easy way to replace lost magnesium in your body.
Magnesium can be lost in several ways for example food processing, intensive farming, medicines and food additives.  Magnesium is present in many different foods, however as with many lifestyles and cultures it can be difficult to ensure you are getting the right amount of magnesium in your diet.

The table below indicates typical magnesium levels, based on product and portion size.

Serving Size, Common Units
Serving Size, Grams
Milligrams Magnesium
Milligrams Magnesium per Gram
% Daily Value (DV)
3 oz.
3 oz.
Spinach, boiled
1/2 cup
Bran Breakfast Cereal, ready to eat
1 oz.
1 oz.
Swiss Chard
1/2 cup
Cashews, dry roasted
1 oz.
Pumpkin Seeds, roasted
1 oz.
Quinoa, cooked
1/2 cup
Cocoa, unsweetened
2 tbsp.
Soybeans, boiled
1/2 cup
Okra, boiled
1 cup
1 whole medium
1 tbsp.
Peanuts, dry roasted
1 oz.
Peanut Butter
2 tbsp.
Coffee, espresso
2 oz.
Black-Eyed Peas (Cowpeas), boiled
1/2 cup
1/2 cup
Buckwheat Groats (Kasha), cooked
1/2 cup
Acorn squash, baked
1/2 cup
Lima Beans, boiled
1/2 cup
Whole Wheat Bread, homemade
1 slice
Bacon, pan-fried
3 oz.
Pork Tenderloin, broiled
3 oz.

Bulgur Wheat, cooked
1/2 cup
1/2 cup
Potatoes, boiled without skin
1 cup
Navy Bean Sprouts, raw
1 oz.
3 oz.
Pasta Sauce
1/2 cup
Milk, 2%
1 cup
Whole Wheat Bread, store bought
1 slice
Spinach, raw
1 cup
Whole Wheat Spaghetti
1/2 cup
Parsnips, boiled
1/2 cup
Chicken Breast, roasted
3 oz.
Ground Beef, pan browned
3 oz.
Milk Chocolate
1 oz.
Broccoli, boiled
1/2 cup
Parsley, raw
1 oz.
Egg, fried
1 whole large
1 medium
2 leaves
Coffee, from grounds
6 oz.

So how can we add magnesium to our bodies without having to change our diet? Mag-Spray.

This is a very clever product, you have use it in a variety of ways. 

Sprayed directly onto your skin – this is the most common and beneficial method for applying the spray – by metering the number of sprays you can adjust the dose that your body is receiving.  One of the main benefits is that you can apply the spray directly to any aching joints or muscles.
You simply apply the spray to areas that need it, or to your arms, legs, torso and rub it in to ensure the maximum benefit is achieved.

Sprayed into your mouth
– this may seem odd, however the spray can be applied orally as part of your daily oral health routine.  Simply apply two sprays, brush and rinse.

Bath / foot soak
– you can add the magnesium oil to a foot or bath soak, or you can purchase magnesium flakes to dissolve.  The quantity of magnesium oil to use will vary on the volume of water, as a guide you may want to add 40 ml to a foot bath, and 80 ml to a shallow bath.  Remember to use hot water as this will help open your pores and aid absorption.

– by massaging the skin you are stimulating blood flow to your skin and underlying tissue, thus helping the magnesium absorb into your body.  The silky feel of magnesium oil also helps improve the massage process.

You can also use Mag-Spray to help with ailments:
Muscle aches, pains and cramps
Apply 5 sprays and massage in to the affected area to improve muscle aches, pains and cramps. May be repeated once a day if required.

Sport recovery

Apply up to 10 sprays under each arm after activity to replace magnesium lost during exercise. Improves energy and metabolism


Apply 5 sprays under each arm before bedtime to support sleep quality and duration.

I sprayed Mag-Spray onto my inner arm to try it.  It didn't sting or hurt, there was no mark or reaction, it just tingled as it dried.
I also tried spraying it into my mouth ... never again, it tasted foul! It tastes a bit like that liquid that you paint onto your nails to stop you biting them.

So far after a few applications, I do not feel any different so I cannot really say if it works or not ??? however, it is a good product, safe to use and easily applied.